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Sample Moving Quote - Price may vary according to move details - Compare inventory

Vinemont To Starkville

Transportation: Total:
Representative: Natalie Kalani
Rep. E-mail:
Estimated Volume: 938 cf.

Flat Rate $2080.00
basic packing - moving blankets and
pads $0.01
hourly rate will be pro rated at the 15
min $0.01
- $40.02
Total Estimate Quote $2040.00
Customer Payment: $330.00

Articles List: 27 Items, 111 Pieces
Qty Items
2 Adirondack Chair
1 Bed - Box Spring
1 Bed, Footboard
2 Bed, Headboard
1 Bed, King (with Mattress)
1 Bed, Large Headboard
2 Bed, Queen (with Mattress)
20 Box, Book/small (1.5 Cu. Ft.)
13 Box, China/dish 18x18x28

Qty Items
23 Box, Linen/medium (3.0 Cu. Ft)
10 Box, Med. Pbo 18x18x18
7 Box, Wardrobe - (15 Cu. Ft.)
4 Chair, Dining
1 Chair, Recliner
2 Chair, Single
1 Chest Freezer ( 2x3x2)
1 Dining Table
1 Dresser, Double

Qty Items
1 Dryer
1 Fridge In Garage ( 6x2x1.5)
2 Lamp, Floor (pbo)
3 Lamp, Table (pbo)
2 Night Stand
2 Patio Chair
1 Sofa, 3 Seat/bed
2 Table, Coffee
4 Table, End

Packing Material List:
Qty Material Unit Qty Material Unit Qty Material Unit

1/23/2019 Printed Estimate 2/2
Price Price Price

Company Terms & Conditions:
********** The estimate is based on door to door & full service move ************
The price includes:
• Truck & Professional Movers.
• Loading and Unloading.
• Standard Disassembly & Reassembly of Furniture.
• Free Protective Blankets.
• Free Unlimited Tape and Shrink Wrap.
Insurance & Claims:
• Standard valuation (0.60c/Lb) & Arbitration Program.
• PLEASE NOTE for full value protection valuation, contact; Option #1:
1-800-682-1732 or Option #2 1-800-356-0093 prior to your move date (under
Insta Movers). If no additional valuation is required your goods will be protected only at 60 cents
per pound per article up to $10,000 per shipment. No additional protection can be provided on the
day of the move.
Filing of Claims/Complaints.
• Claims must be submitted in writing to CSI within 60 days of the date of delivery.
• To file a claim for loss, damage, delay or overcharge please go to and click "File a
Claim". For any further assistance with your claim you may call CSI at: 1-877-CSI (274)-0074 or
Accessorial Services:
• The price based on Hourly Rate only.
• The move is direct to the customer house.
• The time start from the minute we start loading the furniture till the end of the unloading, plus
travel time.
• The use of packing materials (if needed) will incur an additional charge.
Payment Terms:
• Payment options: 1st hour of labor or 20% on booking & remaining balance on delivery.
• You can pay Postal Money Order, Check, and Cash.
• Cancellation fee of 20% applies to moves cancelled less than 48 hrs and Deposit will not be
• By approving this estimate I free Insta Movers INC from the liability of an on site estimate, and
agree to an online, e-mail or over the phone estimate.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions, and I hope you will find our company
suitable for your moving needs.

Customer Name

Customer Signature


Full Value Protection Amount of Liability: $16,800.00 (Optional)

WARNING: If a moving company loses or damages your goods, there are 2 different standards for the company’s liability based on the types of rates you pay. BY FEDERAL LAW, THIS FORM MUST CONTAIN A FILLED-IN ESTIMATE OF THE COST OF A MOVE FOR WHICH THE MOVING COMPANY IS LIABLE FOR THE FULL (REPLACEMENT) VALUE OF YOUR GOODS in the event of loss of, or damage to, the goods. This form may also contain an estimate of the cost of a move in which the moving company is liable for FAR LESS than the replacement value of your goods, typically at a lower cost to you. You will select the liability level later, on the bill of lading (contract) for your move. Before selecting a liability level, please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government

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Moving from your state to another state, whatever the reason is can be a a hustle if not done right! Hand your belongings to long distance move experts in order to make sure your relocation will go as planed and on budget.

Once decided on the move date you need to find a good and affordable solution for your belongings storage options. We at MoveUs have a top of the line storage facilities! insured, secured, air conditioned and organised!

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